Fish Spa

Two individual seats are available, each with water basin holding the tiny “Original Kangal Garra Rufa” fish. These little helpers massage the feet soothingly by sucking off excess skin particles with their mouths. The fish have no teeth, so it tickles a little at the beginning, but afterwards you have a pleasant feeling on your legs and feet, leaving your skin pleasantly soft. The water is cleaned and disinfected 12 times an hour and has a pleasant temperature of 30 degrees. To prevent the transmission of diseases, in addition to the constant disinfection of the water, clients’ feet are checked for wounds and skin diseases, as these are absolute exclusion criteria for participation in a fish spa massage. Clients’ feet are then cleaned in a disinfection bath before using the fish spa. We hereby offer a fun, pleasant 30-minute wellness experience of a special kind for the whole family.

Important note for fish spa treatments: To prevent substances dangerous to the fish from entering the water, we ask our clients to not apply cream to the feet and legs high up to the knee on the day before or the day of the spa treatment! Nail polish must be cured or removed at least 3 days before. When you come to us, please wear socks and closed shoes, so that tannins from leather or street dirt do not get on your feet. There must be no open wounds, skin diseases or athlete’s foot!

At your service

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