Salt Oasis

The natural healing power of salt has been known for centuries. Because of this, a stay on the North Sea is recommended for some bronchial diseases or neurodermatitis. Join us to enjoy the positive effects of inhaling mineral-rich salty air to improve your health, to strengthen the immune system (against colds, respiratory and skin problems) or simply to relax in our salt oasis.

Salt blocks and salt tiles line the walls of the approx. 30 square meter room. With a salt-grading unit, brine is continuously pumped over special tufts of sea bushes. Salty air is pumped into the room during the session by means of an ultrasound brine misting system. These measures create a pleasant, salty micro-climate made up of various minerals that can have a positive effect on the skin and respiratory tract or simply for a feeling of well-being.

This little relaxation getaway is supported with soothing background music and a beautiful play of lights on the salt walls and a phosphorescent starry sky. In addition to 5 relaxation loungers, 2 modern massage chairs are also available to pleasantly massage the back, arms and legs of the fully clothed client within 15 minutes with tapping, stretching and vibrating during the salt session. Sessions of 20 and 45 minutes are offered.

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